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an image of a man with tattoos on his chest
Mark Wahlberg... of course he would have a Bob Marley tattoo! What a hot pot head
a man sitting on top of a white couch next to a lamp
Josh Duhamel...so very attractive.
a man talking on his cell phone while walking down the street in shorts and a tank top
News | Movie reviews and trailers - Yahoo Movies Canada
Mark Wahlberg ... And here we are, reminded that he was once a Calvin Klein underwear model.
a man in a suit and tie standing on the sidewalk
Hot Pics
Robert Downey Jr.
two men dressed in historical clothing standing next to each other
Simon Woods (Mr. Bingley) and Matthew Macfadyen (Mr. Darcy), Pride & Prejudice (2005)
The Avengers..... O.M.G!!!! Marvel Comics, Attractive Men, Avengers Assemble, Fangirl, Beautiful Men
The Avengers..... O.M.G!!!!
a man in a suit and tie on the cover of a magazine with his hands in his pockets
The Black Tie
Ed Westwick
a man in a suit is looking at something on the street while holding a piece of paper
style guy
Chase Crawford
three young men sitting next to each other in front of a crowd on the street
How Much Is 70 Percent Off? (Calculating Percentages in Your Head)
Hunger Games! Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and Alex Ludwig
a young man in a suit and tie poses for a black and white photo with trees in the background
Zac Efron
Burlesque, Gentleman, Cam Gigandet
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