Richtersveld, South Africa: This is one of the hottest places I have been. But the plants are very interesting and you have the Orange River to cool off. Watch the monkey's because they are watching you!

Richtersveld, Northern Cape, South Africa: This is one of the hottest places. But the plants are very interesting and you have the Orange River to cool off. Watch out for the monkeys !

Jesus is missing there! Africa in Words wall sticker - Vinyl Art SA

Afrikaans - one of the youngest - if not the youngest language of Africa…

Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and experiences stacks of new things!

You know you're South African when. South African dress code"No jeans, no takkies"

Whale watching infographic for South Africa  #travel #tourism #southafrica #whalewatching

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To celebrate the arrival of Spring and the whales, we& prepared a fabulous Whale Whatching Infographic summarising all you need to know about whale watching in South Africa. This new easy-to-use infographic includes plenty of handy information .

Nice. Mucho más sobre nuestro planeta ambiental y sostenible en

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Ah, South Africa: That heavenly place from whence cometh the delightful red bush tea, Rooibos!

whahaha!! ai SA....

Afrikaans - translation: "Weather prediction: If the rock moves - there is wind. If the rock is wet - it has rained. If the rock is white - it has snowed. If the rock is not visible - it is night. If the rock is gone - it has been stolen.

Proudly South African.

Howzit, I come from South Africa. Jenny Humphreys lives here :-)) :-))

That should read "You know you're SOUTH African when.."

Applies mainly to South Africans - and it's so, so true! I had so many "tannies / aunties" and "ooms / uncles" growing up . A form of politeness for adults that the rest of the world has pretty much lost / left behind.

Is traveling to South Africa on your bucket list? You'll want to take a look at these 10 breathtaking photos of the country's most spectacular attractions.

10 Breathtaking Places in South Africa You Have to See to Believe

That's truly South African

A truly South African sentiment - for those who can't read Afrikaans, it says "Stay calm, we're going to braai now".