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All about animal agriculture, animal welfare, animal care, animal standards, and profits in modern American agriculture. Focus is on family farms and how they treat their animals and the types of by-products they produce!

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Do you like Bacon? Look no further - this awesome infographic poster is full of fun facts about your favorite food group! Need Poster Mounts. Agriculture Facts, Animal Agriculture, Agriculture Projects, American Agriculture, Bacon Nutrition, Bacon Day, Fun Facts About Yourself, German Words, Animal Science

Bacon Facts Infographic Poster 24x36

Do you like Bacon? Look no further - this awesome infographic poster is full of fun facts about your favorite food group! Fully licensed. Ships fast. 24x36 inches. Need Poster Mounts..? nmr241089

Consumers are incresingly choosing plant-based milks for healthy reasons. Here's what you need to know before you ditch dairy. American Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, Plant Based Milk, Farmer's Daughter, Grocery Store, Pet Care, Glass Of Milk, Dairy Free, Healthy Lifestyle

Here's Why Consumers Choose Non-Dairy Milks (And Why They Might Want to Look Deeper) - The Farmer's Daughter USA

Non-dairy milks have certainly become trendy. The sector has grown by 61% since 2012 alone, and new options like almond and oat milk are more widely available. The plant-based alternative have become a staple in the dairy section of the grocery store, with the price of non-dairy milks quite competitive with dairy milk. So, why […]

Chipotle is known for serving healthy food. But, unfortunately, they have been caught up in the food marketing which is food fear. pig farmers are wondering what they have against them since the U. does raise healthy animals. American Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, Food Marketing, All About Animals, Farms Living, Chipotle, What Is Like, Farm Life, Farmers

Dear Chipotle, What Do You Have Against U.S. Pig Farmers?

Chipotle has a new supplier for their carnitas. The problem is they are allowing the U.K. farm to use antibiotics but not the U.S.

Learn firsthand what pig farmings experience when raising pigs. Help connect consumers to agriculture. American Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, Livestock Farming, Pig Farming, Guinea Pig Toys, Guinea Pig Care, Hog Farm, Raising Quail, Teacup Pigs

What I Wish People Knew About Pig Farming

There is considerable misinformation about pig farming and how farmers may mistreat their animals. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With the Easter hams being prepared for the table this Easter weekend, this Friday's Fun Ag Fact focuses on common swine terminology. Gardening for healthy and aesthetic purposes! Farm Facts, Pig Facts, Ag Science, Animal Science, Forensic Science, Life Science, Computer Science, Livestock Judging, Showing Livestock

ProAg Friday Fun Ag Fact: Swine Terminology - ProAg

With Easter hams getting ready to be shared with friends & family, let's look at some common swine terminology in our Friday Fun Ag Fact.

Food Truths from Farm to Table American Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, From Farm To Table, Milk And Eggs, All About Animals, Animal Welfare, Farm Animals, Pet Care, Farms

Cause Matters Corp. Books | Michele Payn, Cause Matters Corp.

Volume discounts & signed copies of "Food Truths from Farm to Table" and "No More Food Fights!" sold here.

Unfortunately, animal abuse happens. But realize, those incidents are by far the exception, not the rule. Farmers care for their animals and do not tolerate animal abuse. American Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, All About Animals, Stop Thinking, Farms Living, Farm Life, Farmers, Pet Care, Education

We don’t tolerate animal abuse either, so stop thinking we do

NOTE: This is a guest post by Kristeena Patsche It was only a few weeks ago when I found myself in an uncomfortable position. I was volunteering on behalf of M

A factory farming panel discussion was held at Minnesota State University Mankato. It was a very one-sided panel. After the panel, one person talked with some vegan activists trying to find common ground. Read about this encounter. American Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, Ag Jobs, Minnesota State University, Young Farmers, Factory Farming, Common Ground, Farms Living, My Emotions

Finding Common Ground With Vegan Activists at Factory Farming Panel

Guest Post – Kristeena Patsche Last Thursday, I decided to put all my emotions aside and attend the “Factory Farming in Minnesota: Time for a Change” pan

As a farmer, there are many things I just people knew about what it's like to be a pig farmer. Here is a list of a few of them. American Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, Pig Farming, Backyard Farming, The Parking Spot Hobby, Hobbies For Men, Animal Science, All About Animals, Farms Living

What I Wish People Knew About Pig Farming

There is considerable misinformation about pig farming and how farmers may mistreat their animals. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many stores have sales on whole pork loins. But what do you do with pounds of pork? Here is a great tutorial on how to cut the pork loin into many cuts of pork such as roasts, pork strips, pork chops, etc. Pork Loun, Grilled Pork Loin, Pork Roast, Pork Loin On The Grill, Pork Loin Chops, Pork Tenderloin Recipes, Pork Recipes, Recipies, Pork Strips

What’s On That Meat Label?

Consumers are confused by the meat label on packages that are at their local meat counters. Find out what natural, organic, free range, antibiotic free means.

All pork is raised without additional hormones. American Agriculture, Modern Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, Agriculture Farming, Summer Beach Quotes, Farm Pictures, Things About Boyfriends, All About Animals, Farms Living

Minnesota Farm Living

MN Farm Living connects consumers with those who grow their food by providing information about modern farming practices.

Dairy Month infographic Did you know. National Dairy Month began as National Milk Month in 1937 as a way to promote drinking milk? National Dairy Month began as National Milk Month in 1937 as a way to promote drinking milk? Agriculture Facts, Animal Agriculture, Agriculture Business, Cow Food, Farm Facts, Make An Infographic, Infographics, Animal Science, Food Science

National Dairy Month infographic - Farm and Dairy

June is National Dairy Month. To celebrate, we made an infographic!

Pigs need to be moved at some point in their lives. There is a real science to learn on how to move pigs. Farmers take TQA (transport quality assurance) classes to learn how to move pigs properly. American Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, Farmer Quotes, Pet Pigs, All About Animals, Farms Living, Looking Back, Pet Care, Lesson Plans

Yes, There is a “Science” to Moving Pigs

The one thing I appreciate about education is you can look back and realize that things could have been better . . . if you only knew. That was my realization