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The cantina is open!  Make your own custom drink menu with a Latin vibe... ¡Ole! Mix up trendy margaritas for your VIP señoritas. And the thirsty señores? Do cervezas decked out in funny serapes and mini sombreros! Fill out your drinks menu with aguas frescas (fruit juices) and a tequila tasting. Yes I'll have another!  			  				 Shop Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas  			  				   					SHOP THIS IDEA

Love this custom-printed drink menu with a Latin vibe for a fiesta or Cinco de Mayo party.

Mexican Party Frame Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration

Something like "Holy Guacamole! You're invited to Jessica's BADASS Dirty Thirty Fiesta with fajitas and 'ritas for all.but don't taco 'bout how old she is or this gringa is nacho friend!