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the number line with two children gardening
November Centers for Kindergarten | Literacy and Math
Party Like a Pilgrim {Kindergarten Literacy & Math Centers}
a worksheet with the words rectangle and pictures to be used for writing
Shapes No Prep Worksheets
2D Shapes No Prep Worksheets with examples of the focus shape in real life.
a green board with white lines on it and some wires attached to the back side
how to make a homemade geoboard from simple materials- easy steps
How to make a Geoboard! - Teach Beside Me
some wooden blocks are laying on the floor
Favorite Things: Blocks
My kids this year love to build. I could put out blocks and little else and they would have a full time of playing and learning. I th...
the diagram shows how to make a wooden tower with two sides and one side facing each other
building cards for the block area, free printable.
the shape mats for playdough shape mats are shown with green and blue shapes
Learn shapes and fine motor skills with playdough → Royal Baloo
Free Printable Shapes Mats for playing with playdough
two bookmarks with the words i see a square and shape
Basic Geometric Shapes Mini Book
Basic Geometric Shapes Mini Book Worksheet.The Basic Geometric Shapes Mini Book is fun and simple for children in preschool to practice recognizing the eight basic shapes: square, circle, triangle, diamond, oval, rectangle, star, and heart.
a plastic cup filled with lots of different colored stick shapes and colors on top of it
Preschool Activity for Color Matching and Fine Motor Skills: Pushing Popsicle Sticks
Simple preschool color matching activity that will also work on fine motor skills -- pushing colored popsicle sticks into an old coffee can!