Amanda Dessington

Amanda Dessington

Amanda Dessington
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Snail sculpture...  with heavy gauge wire and rocks!!!

Cute little garden snails made from rock or marbles wrapped in wire. *This would be awesome with copper wire. Copper keeps snail's and slugs from gardens!

Rustic Welded Metal Spider Folk Art by OurUniquePerspective, $45.00

Rustic Welded Metal Spider Folk Art Sculpture made with Found Gears and Other Scrap Metal Objects

Wow! A fun new hypertufa look using old fabric!

Old cloth and concrete wash flower pots, concrete masonry, diy, flowers, gardening. These are so cool but hard to make!


Mouth of Flower - Octavio Ocampo This is good art because it is an optical illusion. It could either be just some flowers with a butterfly, or you can also see a woman's face. It is very creative in a subtle way.

Either that's a deep puddle or it's fantastic 3D street art... either one is

something quite spookily awesome about this photomanipulation :D How I'd love to be able to swim to work, but it's hairy enough cycling on the road to work somedays, let alone swimming in the middle of it when a car comes along!