I still want bunnies in my backyard. Guess I will have to get a garden shed and get Josh to build me a bunny hutch!

Wire Fox Terrier

It's very much like our WFT terrier as a puppy. Also, have you noted that a WFT is an anagram for both "WTF" AND "FTW".

{portrait of a Dachshund} by Roman Rzaev

Dachshunds are one of my favorite kinds of dogs; we have a miniature dachshund who looks a lot like this one, her name is Precious:)

fancy pants greyhound

Now that's a princess! In Greyhound Bus Lines introduced its goodwill ambassador, “Lady Greyhound,” during its sponsorship of NBC’s Steve Allen Show. Lady Greyhound, attired in a wide rhinestone collar and tiara, made public appearances.

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Linda Rodin