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I always call women "ms" unless they tell me they prefer something else.

comes from the word Mistress because that's what people use to call women who had a home.

THIS, THIS, THIS!!!!!!!!! It takes a lot of compassion to consider someone else's experiences which are different than your own and to consider them as valid. HAVE compassion. PLEASE.

My friend has this on her anti-feminism board, but it actually supports equality and shit

How do boys look good without makeup? Because society hasn't told them they look bad without it.

The thing is, boys are told they CANT wear makeup. So I guess we will never know how they will look without makeup. All girls are beautiful without makeup.

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I have this weird quirk where I'll draw that shape over and over again. Who knew it helped calm me down

101 Best Websites for #Writers. Honored to receive the award for the past 5 years. Thanks again, @Carrie Mcknelly Butler, Author's Digest!

101 Best Websites for Honored to receive the award for the past 5 years. Thanks again, Butler, Author's Digest!

One of the most common questions bloggers ask me about submission-based sites is "Do they pay?" While non-paying sites can offer some great benefits, payment is a coveted, and often necessary, element many bloggers are looking for when they submit their work. For this reason, I have been saving up some of my favorite posts I've read on this topic to present to you in this yummy round up! 100+ Work From Home Writing Jobs on Real Ways To Earn - Focusing on companies that hire work from home…

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Fall Fashion - Hot Buy 2016 from

so opposed to proclaiming myself to be a princess so overtly, only saving this bcs look at that panda hoodie!