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Classroom Freebies: Ordinal Number Kite Activities                                                                                                                                                     More

Here's a set of kite-themed ordinal number cards. Also includes materials for creating ordinal number kites.

30 Day Challenge!!

Just water for 30 days. What is 30 days? Nothing compared to extra years of life you get through being healthy. Although a glass of milk in the evening wouldn't hurt.

Full body workout

What a Blast! Full body workout set to music! Raise your feel good endorphins while you lose weight! The Slender Student this seems fun! Might change some of the songs but definitely going to try it for my PM workouts!

Daily workout plan--- little cardio, mostly toning

start with the first thing on each day? And each week add another thing? What do you think? Work out by Weekday - broken out into daily workout plan, in your office, easy!

30 Day Challenge!  Let's get connected and get fit together. Everyone needs some motivation, don't you agree?

Max Burn circut for Tone It Up Tuesday! - This is only half of the Tone It Up Tuesday workout, but I did the whole workout today and for a weakling like me, it was such a good workout!