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There are some grammatical errors but the main point is still the main point ❤️

Fall in love with someone who can not only touch your body but your soul. Fall for someone whos face lights up when they see you and they smile a honest smile showing they are truly happy to have laid eyes on you.

Respect lesson activity how does respect grow?

Respect lesson activity how does respect grow? Awesome Circle time project for Early Childhood classes. Modeling language and getting those beginning thinkers on the right road to manners.

Digital: Divide & Conquer: All About RESPECT

Any teacher will tell you the school year runs through cycles, much like seasons in a year. Each year might bring new adventures, but ol.

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Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off. Its about being with a person who makes you happy on a way nobody else can but oh the sex he's amazing!