Why are my plants turning yellow?

INFOGRAPHIC: Why are my plants turning yellow?

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Showy Shade Gardens • Wonderful tips and ideas!

Showy Shade Gardens

Wonderful tips and ideas - even if it's just a small space. A 5 ft path ending in a small bench can be as pleasing as a huge, yard.

I WANT!!!! escargot begonia--foliage is gorgeous!

WANTED: Escargot Begonia - BEAUTIFUL! I always forget about this one. Looks like it gets bigger planted directly into the garden rather than a pot.

Helleborus Brushstrokes are great for shade gardens

Helleborus/ Christmas Rose: Colorful for shade plants. Bloom in winter, early Spring. Frost-resistant and evergreen. The most popular hellebores for garden use are undoubtedly H. orientalis and its colourful hybrids (H.

Solar Pathway Lights on the fence. Easy and cheap to do. DIY, $2 for the light and $0.49 for eye bolt.

Solar Pathway Lights on the fence or deck. Need a large eye bolt and outdoor solar lights from a dollar store.

8 Kitchen Herbs for the Shade Garden- Because not every garden is full sun! | www.reformationacres.com

8 Kitchen Herbs for the Shade Garden- Here is a short list of culinary herbs I’m considering incorporating into my future perennial shade garden: Onion Chives Garlic Chives Cilantro Mint Lemon Balm Lovage Parsley Sage

Blue and Gold spiderwort tradescantia "sweet kate" 12 inch tall These add lots of color!

Perennials For Shade That Bloom All Summer

Tradescantia "Sweet Kate" - easy-to-grow perennial with profusion of deep-blue flowers from summer to autumn. Eye-catching accent for the border, the vibrant golden-yellow foliage is a bright companion for purple-foliaged plants.