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a person holding up a wooden letter with daisies on the letters's sides
Pintura em letra
Letra "R" em MDF pintada com fundo de céu e margaridas
a welcome to the patch bulletin board hanging on a wall in front of a door
Strawberry RA Bulletin Board
#bulletinboardideas #bulletinboard #ra #residentadvisor #college #dorm #collegedorm #welcomeback
Sorority and Greek life Casual, Friends, Girl, Costume, Women, Hot, Gorgeous Women
Sorority and Greek life
Would you like to join sorority in college and don't know what is greek life and sorority work in college? Sororities are more than just a sisterhood, they're a community of strong, supportive women who empower each other to succeed. From philanthropy to social events, sororities offer endless opportunities for personal growth and lifelong friendships. Joining a sorority is an experience unlike any other! Read more #sorority #greeklife
two beautiful women standing next to each other holding a large teddy bear
Big little bear theme
three women in matching outfits sitting on a couch with their legs crossed and wearing mouse ears
Big little reveal bear theme
the letter p is painted yellow with white flowers
Letras de cartón decoradas - Mia mandarina - www.miamandarina.es
the letters are painted blue and white in front of a large building that says aqua
two different logos that are on top of each other
Ski Club