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Pergola Design Ideas and Plans Garden degisn ideas

except I would want a slate floor not pebbles :).and maybr sailcloth.something that would be mold resistant.

How To Build Your Own Pergola

A backyard should be your own personal oasis where you can sit and relax after a long day. The point is, you should feel at home, even though you are outside! BlessMyWeeds is hand.

Deck Decorating Ideas: A Pergola, Lights and DIY Cement Planters

The outdoor curtains add a bit of privacy and a lot of elegance to this backyard deck. The lights strung on the pergola complete the picture. Click through to learn more about Jen’s deck makeover.

DYI Retractable Pergala Roof!

Retractable pergola roof - Gives you an idea on how to start. Pergolas are beautiful for an outdoor space but don't provide shade. Here's an option! You can enjoy the sun or some shade! Love this.

small backyard pergola ideas - Bing Images

small backyard pergola ideas - Bing Images I love the sliding cover as my patio needs both the sun and the shade. At night the cover would make it feel so cozy,

Low Maintenance Gardening (Part 2): Rock Garden

Part two of Low Maintenance Gardening describes another phase of our dry creek bed project.

Pumpkin Fritters

This picture shows a South African dessert called pumpkin fritters. Basically, it's a sweet pumpkin flavored pastry.