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How To Make A Diamond Tufted Headboard

Diamond tufted headboards are stunning, and a fun DIY bedroom upgrade. Learn "How To Make A DIY Diamond Tufted Headboard" with this great tutorial!

TUTO - Hands by the-evil-legacy

Oh My Hands! Where the heck would I ever get reference for drawing HANDS! (She says while staring at her hands.) Anyway, here's a tutorial on drawing hands :p

finishing tail and fin tut

Finishing Mermaid tail and fin tutorial by Phillis Morrow, part 2

Learning to make mermaid fin

Learning to make mermaid fin DIY tutorial mermaid art doll ooak polymer clay

I'm a big fan of coloring! It really helps me relax. This article from Alisa Burke has some great tips to take coloring to the next level.

alisaburke: colored pencils: a few tips and tricks baby oil from CVS with crayola color pencils help erase the color pencil off the paper, so if u make a mistake in color use baby oil with a Q tip to rub it off