Gelatin, water, birdseed, and string to make bird feeders (birdfeeders).  I used more water and birdseed than this recipe called for.

Birdfeeders what you’ll need: * cup birdseed (we got the seed for small birds at wal-mart) * cup water * 1 small envelope of knox gelatine * twine or string * cookie cutters, molds or mason jar lids * wax paper

Judith Doubell Kersfees in Afrika Chris Chameleon

Kersfees in Afrika Chris Chameleon. {trade your reindeer for a donkey, and your sleigh for a donkey cart}

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bb posted craft stick angel ornaments to their -christmas xmas ideas- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Christmas candles

Super easy to DIY for the holidays, also a technique simple enought for your to adorn candles and create a unique centerpieces for your wedding or party. Fresh olive leaves tied with ribbon


Easy Ideas for Handmade Christmas Decor. Spread holiday cheer with these Wall Christmas Tree - Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas and other holiday ideas.


Stained glass Jello is a fun, festive treat for holidays and parties. This colorful Stained Glass Jello looks so pretty . It is great for Christmas party.

Somer-Kersfees | SARIE

Somer-Kersfees | SARIE

Kersfees by die see

Kersfees by die see

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