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Allyson Schoultz

Allyson Schoultz
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That's why we love our boys they aren't afraid to be different becoz we love their different it I'd who they are not like any other artist they are unique , special


I AM HERE FOR LIFE BABY! Ive kind of subconsciously accepted the fact i will never be with them and i will love them no matter who they love. Because im not a fan, im a directioner.

Hey guys, i have entered, this contest to go see the boys. i really want to go. so bad and i would love if you guys could help me. all you have to do is click and vote. if u also entered the contest i would love to help you too. ttp://

I will always be a directioner, not that I condone smoking weed, but people make mistakes. And it was only of the band not all of them, so why let the other three guys suffer for the mistakes of the other Regarding the picture, Harry is such a brother.

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