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Meaty Zucchini Lasagna
Zucchini Lasagna is a light yet super satisfying version of your favorite lasagna recipe! Skip the pasta and layer sliced zucchini with creamy ricotta cheese, hearty meat sauce, and of course, plenty of mozzarella!
an image of corn pasta being cooked in a skillet with the words go easy to make
Creamy Corn Pasta Recipe
This incredibly creamy Corn Pasta Recipe features tender, fresh corn kernels, pasta, and a Parmesan-flecked sauce. Topped with smokey bacon and savory chives, it’s so delicious you’ll want to eat it all summer long!
a person dipping some food into a small bowl on a plate with breadsticks
The Easiest Pepperoni Rolls Recipe - All Things Mamma
These Homemade Pepperoni Rolls are made with premade dough and simple ingredients. Simple weeknight dinner recipe!
a casserole dish with potatoes and parsley in it on a blue and white towel
Easy Southern Squash Casserole Recipe - All Things Mamma
This Squash Casserole recipe is perfect for comfort food! Make this summer squash casserole recipe for the holidays or a weeknight meal!
Zucchini Casserole
My girls have this song on repeat, so I thought it was perfect for sharing me making this Zucchini Casserole for dinner this week.😍 The easiest summer casserole - no recipe needed. But, I’ve got you if you want one 🙌
broccoli casserole recipe with the title above it
Easy Broccoli Casserole Recipe
Creamy, Cheesy Broccoli Casserole! With its cheesy broccoli goodness & buttered Ritz cracker crumb topping this delicious broccoli casserole side dish recipe that is perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, potlucks, or Sunday Dinner!
creamy bow tie pasta salad in a glass bowl
Creamy Bow Tie Pasta Salad
A quick and easy recipe that is budget-friendly and takes less than 20 minutes to make that the entire family will love!
a red bag filled with tacos sitting on top of a table next to other food
How To Make Walking Tacos
Walking Tacos are just about the best meal ever. How many times do you cook a meal knowing that it’s meant to be eaten as you carry it around? Everything you thought you knew about table manners is out the window with this simple taco recipe!
the southern tomato pie has been made with fresh tomatoes, cheese and other toppings
Simple Southern Tomato Pie Recipe
This classic Southern tomato pie is packed with irresistible fresh tomato flavor. With plenty of cheese, garlic, basil, and, of course, tomatoes, it will surely be a hit with your family.
a white plate topped with lasagna covered in meaty zucchini sauce
Low-Carb Zucchini Lasagna Recipe
A noodle-free lasagna? Yes! Hear me out: Zucchini lasagna is just as good, if not better, than the traditional pasta lasagna you’re used to making. It’s a great recipe to have in reserve for those times when you want a lasagna that’s a bit on the lighter side.
cheesy stuffed zucchini recipe on a plate with the title above it
Cheesy Stuffed Zucchini Recipe
Stuffed zucchini is a delicious, complete summer meal loaded with savory ground beef, melty mozzarella, and your favorite marinara sauce. Totally irresistible!
two bowls filled with pasta salad on top of a blue tablecloth and the words fresh and light recipe
Fresh & Light Summer Pasta Salad Recipe
Looking for a side dish that’s made for those hot summer days when you don’t feel like standing over the stove for an hour or heating up your kitchen by turning on the oven? This easy pasta salad recipe is perfect for any picnic, potluck, or barbecue!
macaroni and cheese recipe on a white plate with a blue checkered cloth
One-Pot Macaroni and Cheese Recipe
Creamy, cheesy macaroni and cheese is always a hit, and I love to make it from scratch homemade. This super simple recipe needs just two cheeses to make – and comes together in just one pot.
southern squash casserole recipe in a white dish
Squash Casserole Recipe
Squash Casserole is a crowd-pleasing side dish made with summer squash, onion, cornbread stuffing mix, and sour cream. It’s perfect for a potluck, but easy enough for a weeknight dinner.
cheesy tomato zucchini casserole in a white dish with text overlay
Zucchini Casserole
When it comes to a simple casserole recipe, this is the one to make! Everyone will love the flavor of this easy cheesy zucchini casserole!