Teal, Teal, Teal... fond of it

Pp: "I like this blue wood for the bathroom." ~ I like what looks to be a small fire place/hearth for the bathroom.

yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow...

Sixteen year old Caroline Alkire creates stunning, surreal collages from images cut out of vintage National Geographic magazines. Drawing inspiration from artists like Dali, she creates introspective dreamscapes with paper, scissors, and glue.


If you concentrate on the picture and try to see the pictures crossed with your eyes,you'll see a picture.Wallpaper and background photos of Magic eyes for fans of Magic eye images.


Ghostbusters Trailer Sparks Hopes for First Gay Blockbuster Couple

This New, Much-Improved Ghostbusters Trailer Amps Up the Ghostly Action

skin collar, what!

skin collar, what!

magic eye

magic eye