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Allan Kent

Allan Kent
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A bucket.  Yeah, I agree, too pedestrian.

There was an old man from Nantucket Who kept his cash in a bucket. One day his daughter Nan Ran away with a man. And as fer the bucket, Nan took it.

A professional.  Kinda boring actually.

Corporate Consultants is one of the leading Virtual CFO Service Provider in Delhi, India. We are providing the best Virtual CFO Services in India for our valuable clients.

Vodka.  And straw.  YMMV.

Vodka. And straw. YMMV.

a fluffy cay (pre-draining)

The Persian Cat! This cat is particularly well suited as an indoor cat to keep its coat in optimum condition. This is a high maintenance breed which depends totally on its owner for its comfort and wellbeing.

a small sponge

a small sponge

"very high absorption of moisture"

The next time you get a new pair of shoes or another product with a packet of silica gel inside, save the packet and stash it in your toolbox. Silica gel is a desiccant, which absorbs moisture and draws it away from your tools, preventing rust.

All time classic Slayer's Raining Blood remixed.  Electro Thrash.

All time classic Slayer's Raining Blood remixed.