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the tweet is being posted to someone on their cell phone, and it looks like they're doing something right now
an image of the hobb movie scene with two people talking to each other and one is
some people are talking to each other on their cell phones and one is telling them what they
a meme with the caption that reads, no literally everyone they could use a help with
Fili Imagines - Imagine Fili saving your life
an image of some cartoon characters in the same language, with caption that reads kicking shoes legocas i stop this is literally perfect
the hobbo movie scene is shown in three different frames, one with an image of
the doctor who is talking to his companion in front of a sign that says, i gram
Hobbits - Funny
an image of the lord and his deer in harry potter's hogwarts
21 Pictures Only "The Hobbit" Fans Will Think Are Funny
a man standing in front of a book shelf holding a piece of paper with words on it
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two pictures of the same person with long hair and beards, one is looking at another
the hobbo movie poster