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"That handsome little hobbit that has more cardigans than you" Winn! The Chloe Sullivan of supergirl! One of the best, endearing characters of the show!

#supergirl x #kara danvers

#supergirl x #kara danvers

This was the funniest part of this episode ! Loved it !

"Can we keep this quiet?" - Kara and Mon-El he is so cute! At first I was totally shipping Kara and Barry but I've warmed up to Mon-El ((This was the funniest part of this episode!

Why Mon-El is good for Kara: he may think an idea is terrible and he'll tell her, but he won't let her do it alone. <3 (edit from fyeahkaramel's on tumblr) |TV Shows|CW|#Supergirl funny edit|Season 2|2x18|Ace Reporter|Kara x Mon-El|#Karamel funny edit|Kara Danvers/Mike Matthews|Melissa Benoist|Chris Wood|#DCTV|Favorite couples|

Creepy Journalism In regards to ethical decisions, sometimes in journalism you have to set these ethical decisions aside, for the sake of a good piece.

#Supergirl2x16 ~Star-Crossed~ I would love to see Cisco and Winn together!

And Felicity. You guys would be a group of genius BFFs that help superheroes/vigilantes for a living.