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a fluffy cat laying on top of an open book in someone's lap,
two kittens are sleeping together on the bed with their heads close to each other
omg adorable!
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A Journey To The Top
a close up of a lion with blue eyes and long mane, looking at the camera
Portrait of a magnificent white lion
Portrait of a magnificent white lion
two white kittens playing with each other in the grass
Husky puppy & white lion cub
Husky puppy + white lion cub.....SWEET
three white lion cubs sitting on top of a rock with the caption beautiful rare white lion
White Lioness and her cubs
a small leopard cub sitting on top of a tree branch
Furry feline.
Baby Leopard
a young lion cub is sitting on the floor and yawning with its mouth open
Lion cub
a black and white photo of a lion laying in the grass with it's head on its paws
mчşтîc lađy
two white kittens with green eyes cuddle together
a lion and its baby laying in hay
Lion licking her cub, sweet!
two white tiger cubs cuddle together in their enclosure
a cat and dog are standing in the dirt together, one is looking at the camera
An image on imgfave
best friends.. Doxie and Kitty