Veronica Aliphon

Veronica Aliphon

Veronica Aliphon
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Crochet baby beanie

This a simple crochet baby hat in preemie and new born sizes, beginning with the same basic crown pattern which I first made for the Pomp.

Prayer For Healing Finances

Prayer for Healing Finances. Many in the body of Christ are in need of having their financial situation healed. We have many issues with money and only God can change them.

Binding and Loosing: The keys to the Kingdom and Exercising your Spiritual Authority

Binding and Loosing Prayers. Do you know what it is? We'll show you how to use the keys to the Kingdom and exercise your spiritual authority


"Never be ashamed of the scars that life has left you with. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed, you endured the pain and God has healed you." Need to remember this for my psych patients

You Were Made For God

we try booze and drugs to make sense. we try counselors and psychiatrists to make sense. we read self help books. BUT we need to read THE BOOK, the Bible, to clear up the fog and make sense of our lives.


We have to embrace the conflict God has put in our story. Often times, the scenes we want to skip produce the endings we all love to see.

true true

So true. find out the truth rather than spreading rumors! Some people just love drama and it's not part of our lives. Keep it going if it makes you feel better so be it but in the end your only making a liar and ass out of yourself.

Can't worry & trust God at the same time

You can't do both: Either you worry, or you trust God. If you worry, you tell God, "I think you are LYING to me when you say you love and take care of all who honor You." - Original pin's great advice confirmed by Jesus: Let go, and let God