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Kalbelia is a tribe of Rajasthan.

In ancient times these tribal people were gypsies. The dance, which is world famous today, is an integral part of their culture and is performed to celebrate any joyful moment in the community.

Art nouveau Opal and Diamond Necklace

Art Nouveau Black Opal set with three opal cabochons among scroll and knife-edge motifs, completed by delicate fancy link chain

Love this foot tattoo

Kind of a cool alternative to a toe ring tattoo, which i cant get out of my head as being the best tattoo placement for me if i ever got one! I wear my toe ring religiously this is a great idea!

Toe ring tattoo.

Song from childhood summer camp: I have a daisy on my toe. It is not real it does not grow. It's just a tattoo of a flower so I look good taking a shower. It's on the second toe of my left foot. It has no stem. It has no root. (Cuz that wouldn't look good