Alida Van der Walt

Alida Van der Walt

Alida Van der Walt
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Hook Pass | Netball Skills - Ball Handling | Netball | Sports Coaching

This Netball drill is designed to help the player to practice to pass the ball avoiding interference from a defender. For more information on netball skills .

Netball Defence Tips with Cat Tuivaiti - YouTube

Cat Tuivaiti from the Northern Mystics shows us some defensive tips in the shooting circle out on the netball court.

Netball Dodging Tips with Cat Tuivaiti - YouTube

Cat Tuivaiti from the Northern Mystics shows us some dodging tips out on the netball court.

Session Plans - NETFIT Netball

Session Plans - NETFIT Netball

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We've teamed up with SportsFit to bring you ANOTHER great netball workout. This one's to improve your netball SAQ (or speed, agility and quickness).

Since there is no dribbling and many other strict rules regulating how a ball can be moved down the court in netball, efficient footwork is an important and fundamental requirement for scoring and avoiding penalties. However, since there is a three second limit on possession, footwork most be quick and precise, which means that practicing …

5 Tried And Tested Netball Footwork Drills - Top Netball Drills

Simple STEAM Christmas free task cards

Simple STEAM Christmas tasks that can be completed with basic materials. Four free task cards! Perfect for the week before winter break!