First Warning Systems Bra A company called First Warning Systems announced a prototype in 2012 that claims to use thermal dynamic measurement - which records differences in body temperature that are then analysed using a predictive algorithm - to find tumours. The bra measures changes in circadian cellular temperature over time; the aim is to detect tumours earlier.

Could your clothing save your life?

New Heat Sensing Bra Claims to Detect Breast Cancer

The Wemu T-shirt and Cap Instead of being hooked up to a machine via an array of cabling, patients wear a t-shirt and optional cap at home, and biometric sensors feed information to a smartphone app to monitor the wearer for epileptic seizures.

Could your clothing save your life?

Wearable technology: Clothing designed to save your life - BBC News

Coros Smart Bicycle Helmet $200 This bicycle helmet has bone-conducting earphones built in so you can safely listen to music or GPS directions while on the road without not blocking out background sounds. Better yet, it tracks your mileage and if you have an accident, the built-in collision detection automatically sends a loved one a message to alert them to a possible accident.

Links: Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet World's first bike helmet with open-ear precision audio so cyclists can SAFELY hear traffic along with music, calls, n.

JBL UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones $200 Gym apparel brand Under Armour have enlisted the help of audio experts JBL to build a set of in-ear Bluetooth headphones with a twist: they have a heart rate monitor built-in, too. It also gives you audio updates for things like pace, distance, heart rate and heart-rate zones so you can improve on previous workouts.

The health and fitness wearables set to be big winners this year for the gym, outdoor sports or running and cycling

Researchers at Stanford University say they've taken a big step to wearable health tech with a noninvasive wristband device that can measure blood sugar and other important measures of health in a few drops of sweat.

can diagnose diseases by studying sweat - Daily Mail: Daily Mail Wristband can diagnose diseases by studying sweat Daily Mail An…

University of Minnesota researchers have developed a vest that gives off a calming squeeze that could help people with autism. The vest is embedded with heat sensitive materials, a battery, and a bluetooth controller so that when you hit a button on a phone, it sends a current through these pieces and they pull tight.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed wearable technology to help autism.

Jesse Asjes, a professor from Rhode Island School of Design, explores integrating vibration therapy to treat osteoporosis and a slow-to-heal sports injury into knitwear.

Cool Wearables - Wearable Tech for Vibration Therapy - Fashioning Technology

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