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Lays create a flavor campaign with big prize. engage community from submittal to taste testing kind of brilliant idea don't you think?

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just salt is fine, thank you.

Relaxing in the pool #MeTime

Motorized Lounge Chair Pool Float Pool gadgets are the best kind of gadgets in the summer. This 125 dollar pool float is equipped with twin propellers allowing you to move across your olympic sized.

Exploring South Africas beautiful sites #CangoCaves #MeTime #Lays #Win

Explore deep into the earth at the Congo Caves, South Africa.

A romantic picnic #MeTime #PinAndWin #LaysSouthAfrica

A fun Fall activity? Picnics in the park (except someone needs to tell these guys that their picnic is where the engine should be in that beetle- technically the "trunk" is in the front of those cars")

Ice cream yes please #MeTime #PinAndWin

There is nothing better than an ice cream, especially on a hot summer day. Many women do not eat ice cream because of fear of fat. Ice cream is included in the frozen food that has a.

Exploring and having fun #win #LaysSouthAfrica #MeTime

But these guys made sculptures out of Lay's Potato chips bags!

Sweetness for the blue days

If your culinary skills don't extend beyond the likes of microwave meals then read on. Ditch the ready-mix, embrace your inner Nigella and learn to create some tasty (and pretty) treats with today's deal.

Theme park rides are great fun and such a rush

Theme park rides are great fun and such a rush

#MeTime #Lays #Win

#MeTime #Lays #Win

Cathing up on Celebrity gossip #MeTime

Cathing up on Celebrity gossip

Rekindling the flame of love #MeTime

Beach always give people imagination of romance. Certainly, beach is a mysterious while bracing place. The wedding can’t be more stunning with sparkling waters, clean white sand and splendid sunset.