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Recipe for Jalapeno Cheese Fritters - A copycat recipe from Abuelo's Mexican Food Embasy.. YUM!!

Abuelo's Restaurant Copycat Recipes: Jalapeno Cheese Fritters, need to put all of the jalapenos from the garden to good use!

Nacho Cheese Jalapeño Popper Bombs | Here, we take the elements of a jalapeño popper, but throw in a few surprises: biscuit dough and Doritos. By using flattened out biscuits, we’re able to make a delectable pocket for our cheese bombs, which we then coat in crushed nacho cheese Doritos…pure perfection.

If You Like Jalapeño Poppers Or Nachos, You’ll Love This Bite-Sized Snack!

You only need 30 Minutes to make the easy and delicious Vegetable Soup!

How to make our quick and easy creamy vegetable soup recipe with only one pot in under 35 minutes. Vegetarian and vegan modifications included.

Painting snowy mountains in PS by on @deviantART

I did this one in August. It's my second snowy terrain tutorial. brush link First tutorial (snowy cliffs) Third tutorial (snowy rock) If you try this an. Painting snowy mountains in PS

The mountains are calling!

These are interesting designs utilizing the illustrations of mountains. The text that says "Mountains" at the top works well with the overlap of the mountain.

Table Mountain, South Africa, one of the natural wonders of the world

My beautiful Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa! Gorgeous from afar, even more stunning while hiking her paths and discovering her "inner" beauty!

DIY Christmas Tree Meringues

DIY Christmas Tree Meringues -> Sam says, " These turned out perfectly! I recommend only baking for an hour, as that was what I did and they came out just right! A great addition to my Christmas cookie list!