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Spread the word FAST! It's coming!!!

It will be on my birthday, and I'm planning to have a fandom part *girly squeeks*

That's why they call it Eye Contact♡

That's why they call it Eye Contact♡

I started crying here already♡

The Fault in Our Stars.what a great quote from the book and scene from the movie.

The shirt Hazel is wearing when she finds out Gus has died is the shirt he wore when they first met♡

The things you notice when seeing The Fault In Our Stars multiple times. Hazel is wearing Gus's shirt when she finds out he died. So many feels!

How cool would robot eyes be!

'And then after making my point I'll probably it them on because hay robot eyes are cool.

I want to kiss him♡

From scaling buildings to jumping buses, films teach us a lot of things. Here's all of the best relationship advice a la the movies.