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Just open up - one of the best short horror stories i've ever read!!

Just open up - one of the best short stories I've ever read; read to the end to understand the twist.


Can we see the child fall in love with the boogeyman and him fall for her but have a struggle with killing kids?

Let's have some fun with a hilarious band post. It's long, but worth the read! Hahaha I'm crying I'm laughing so hard

Any band geeks? An if so comment what you play! And (optional) a funny story! I play the clarinet

Have You Met Frank, The A-Hole Turtle – 6 Pics

Funny pictures about Meet Frank The Turtle. Oh, and cool pics about Meet Frank The Turtle. Also, Meet Frank The Turtle photos.


omg ive seen this post for years and only now have i realised old gregg

Can someone tell me the origin of this comic

That went dark real quick. -Hibiscus by PrinceCanary on DeviantArt