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Nerd Boy Problems • Submitted by phoenixtales

Hi and welcome to Nerd Boy Problems. Submissions are open to share all your nerdy problems. Check out the girls at JustNerdGirlProblems -Kris

Submitted by ncolacho When Nerd Girl Problems already says what you wanted to say.

Nerd Boy Problem Which is the reason why I repost fangirl problems

Badass captura

Badass captura

Yeah Hahahaha

People she is the earth bender of benders she probably just made them over night after she help some town. She probably even had a bet going to see how many places left it up

I miss the GAang. That and we never get to find out what happened with zuko's mom. Curse you iiki <- actually, you find out more about Zuko's mom and what actually happened to her in the comics