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“Banshee Queen” by Prywinko

“Banshee Queen” by Prywinko

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Daarken has been privileged to of worked with clients such as Games Workshop on the Warhammer series and Blizzard Entertainment for the Warcraft Trading Card

Swords, Weapons, Arms

Rhea - queen of the titans once her husband Cronos had taken over and mother to the Olympian gods, who cronos ate at birth to stop them over throwing him

ZEUS - Rhea was the wife of Titan Cronus. Cronus made it a practice to swallow their children. To avoid this, Rhea tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock, saving her son Zeus.

Done for fun. Quite quick.

A Sword I made for the game Risen 3 - Titan Lords.

absurdres arms_at_sides belt black_gloves black_hat black_shoes braid brown_eyes donghwan_kim full_body gloves hat hat_feather high_heels highres long_hair looking_at_viewer original pirate_hat shoes skull solo standing torn_clothes white_hair

2014.09, NAMGWON LEE on ArtStation at

Sp by female sexy agent, futuristic concept art, digital painting, illustration, inspirational art