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an image of a green toy on the ground
a bench sitting in the middle of a garden filled with lots of purple and green flowers
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan
two yellow birds sitting on top of a green leaf covered tree branch next to another bird
A Positively Beautiful Blog 2: Photo
A Positively Beautiful Blog 2 : Photo
a red rose sitting on top of a plant
Red Rose Peeking Through...
a purple and red flower with green stems
Flowers in the Dominican Republic
Pretty flowers can be found everywhere in the Dominican Republic. Don't believe me? Check out this photo essay of beautiful flowers found in the DR.
a purple rose with green leaves in the background
Heirloom Rose.
a blue rose with water droplets on it's petals and the words crystal written below
45 Beautiful Pictures of Roses | Art and Design
Blue Rose My favorite flower
a blue rose with water droplets on it
a black and red rose with water droplets on it
World Tank
✯ Black and Red Rose
a purple flower with blue stamen in the center and green leaves on the other side
Black orchid - looks like a painting!
a pink flower with yellow and white petals on it's face in the middle of green leaves
A Whimsical orchid flower with a parrot's eyes is the subject of an art quilt by Barbara Barrick McKie
a close up of a flower on a plant with blurry backround in the background
Beautiful Flowers (@ImanNaim3) / Twitter
Phalaenopsis Bellina Orchid
the flower is white and has yellow petals
Ghost in the flower