Diane Victor

Diane Victor Transcend series V, 2010 Ash and charcoal dust drawing 200 x 115 cm

Diane Victor, candle flame drawing

Candle flame drawing by South African artist Diane Victor, from the Transcend series

The one and only Diane Victor!

Maybe a live artist the great Diane V, she paints with smoke and corks!

Diane Victor, 4 Horses: Bare back http://www.goodman-gallery.com/files/upload/inventory/5093Inventoryvictor078-1020.jpg

Diane Victor 4 Horses: Bare back, 2010 Etching, embossing, digital printing and drawing 171 x 121 cm

Diane Victor - The Usher (self portrait with goat)

A selection of prints from The Artists' Press that focus on portraits