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DIY: Turn regular jeans into skinny jeans |

I like wider jeans, but in the winter it's a pain to make them work with boots. How I made wider leg jeans into boot-ready skinny jeans, and how you can too!

Surprising parent/child activity: create a map of your child's imaginary world. I am in love with this post!

How to create a map out of your novel's unique world. A creative idea is to include a world map at the beginning of your novel to give readers a better idea of your novel's landscape.

Dragon: 4 legs, 2 wings.Wyvern: 2 legs, 2 wings.Drake: 4 legs, flightless.Wyrms: long snake like body with no appendages, can also appear as a traditional Chinese dragon with 4. Legs and no wings yet can fly.Amphithere: 0 legs 2 wings, can be feathered.Lindwurms: 2 legs, 0 wings, long body.Luck dragon: 4 legs, no wings, can fly, long body, furry with dog like face.Komodo dragon: 4 legs, no wings, real.Bearded dragon: 4 legs, 0 wings, often kept as pets

Krayt dragon: 8 legs, 0 wings, sand everywhere, you're dragonfuckers Krayt dragon: 8 legs 0 wings sand everywhere you're

Just posting this because of Justin Bieber XD

Just posting this because of Justin Bieber XD <<< I wonder how many surgeons have walked out of the operating theatre like a lost college kid in the wrong classroom on the first day of school.