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Agterstoep | | Boeretroos. Naartjie. Koeksister. Dagga. Slapgat. Khaki. Voortrekker.Ousie. Siembamba. Moffie. Roosterkoek. Vinkel en koljander. Befok. Aitsa!. My Sarie Marais. Laaitie. Gaan kak! Ryperd. Bakgat. Langarm. Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika. Transvaal. Die Stem. Hasie. Wat maak oom Kallie daar!, O Brandewyn laat my staan. Ossewa. Nooi. Slet. Bliksem. Voetsek. Gogga. Vrystaaaat! Sakkie-sakkie. Windpomp. Tekkies. Ja-nee! Ag man. Baas. jislaaik.... Hoezit. NAAFI. Rooinek

You are the quiet place in my life - when the whole world feels like it's spinning out of control and everyone and everything is against me, you can wrap me up in your arms and the moment my head touches your chest the madness fades to black. You will probably never know what that means to me - but I make sure that I never forget that you are and always will be Home to me; my safe place to run when my own mind is my enemy.