Digital Health Infographic - the Future

The Future of Health Is Your Smartphone [Infographic]

The Future of Healthcare is Already at Your Fingertips Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Other category. Check out The Future of Healthcare is Already at Your Fingertips now!

Wearable Tech is in!

Wearable Tech: Welcome to the Future of Fashion

The New Wave - Move over, James Bond. From the much-hyped Glasses to the Pebble watch, the new wave of wearable hitting the these days would give Agent 007 a run for his money. Take a look at some of the coolest wearable tech on the market.

Popularity of Health Apps

Infographic: Rising Popularity of Mobile Health Apps « Healthcare Intelligence Network

The Body as source of Big Data

Tech Infographics - The Human Body Infographic. Big Data in the Field of Health Care. The Power of Healthcare Data: The Body As A Source Of Big Data.

The Future is Digital Health

M-health infographic: Mobile communications are transforming healthcare. How mobile apps will help community health nursing!

Doctor - Patient Communication

Infographic on physician-patient communications. What patients do more of the talking? (Check out this on physician-patient communications. Do patients do most of the talking?

The Future of Healthcare

TheFuture of how technology will change healthcare for patients, providers, payers and governments

Apps that make you healthy

Health Apps ☺ Wellness Apps Top Health and Fitness Apps to Improve Your Workout and Diet [INFOGRAPHIC] Top Apps for Exercise, Top apps for healthy eating, Top apps for Healthy Rest

How Patients Learn in the Digital Age

Infographic that surveyed non-MD healthcare professionals of how patients learn in the digital age utilizing technology for patient education

10 Benefits of Health IT

This infographic gives a breakdown of the 10 reasons why health records IT is beneficial. Among other reasons, health records that are technically

Virtual assistants to change medicine

Will Virtual Assistants Propel the Future of Medicine? (Will Virtual Assistants Propel the Future of Medicine?

What's possible for health care?

Infographic - Institute of Medicine - Best Care at Lower Cost 2012 report