Johannesburg, South Africa Artist Roger Ballen #art

Johannesburg, South Africa artist Roger Ballen

Con/Struct | By Justin Plunkett.


Created by South African designer Justin Plunkett, the so-called Con/struct series is meant to illustrate the overbearing influence of commercialization both on the way we live and on our urban landscape. Plunkett hopes his computer-animated work—which lo

Hassan Hajjaj: My Rock Stars Experimental, Volume 1, 2012 LACMA December 21, 2013–July 20, 2014

My Rock Stars Experimental: Hassan Hajjaj Creates a Global Stage

Stephen Inggs - Windpump 1 (2006)  Hand painted silver gelatin emulsion on paper  Image size 120 x 107cm

'Wind Pump', by Stephen Inggs, Hand-coated silver gelatin emulsion on rag paper.

The Smarties Clubhouse, Soweto, SA - The Sartorialist

The Smarties Clubhouse, Soweto, SA - The Sartorialist