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Flying to Lukla Airport Nepal

Flying into Lukla Airport, Nepal to start the trek to Everest Base Camp

Holy Smoke!!!

ideas for firing large pieces right in place at new house when land and no neighbors are reality:)


With things like this, how can you not acknowledge there is God? As the sun crested the horizon, the team slowly picked its way along the summit ridge en route to Everest's summit.

When you are out in the back country, there are several ways to get ensure that water is safe for drinking. Boiling water requires burning fuel and produces hot water that takes a lot of time to cool down. Chemical sterilization takes less time but leaves a strong after taste. The SteriPen Adventurer Opti Water Purifier uses UV light to zap micro-organism to make water safe to drink. It requires no heating and leaves no after taste in the water.

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