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Easy DIY Easter Candle Craft.
Using any decorative paper napkin, remove first layer with print. Cut to your candle’s size then wrap. Wrap candle and napkin print with wax paper. Using a tea towel, hold the candle in one hand and use a blow dryer or iron to transfer napkin print to candle surface. Easy DIY candle craft.
an image of two rabbits and grapes on a black background with gold trimmings
Art Nouveau Square Art Print of Enchanted Forest
a white rabbit with headphones on its ears
Mobile wallpaper
instructions for how to make a paper boat
How To Make A Paper Boat: Anchor Nautical Party Ideas
a painting of a white rabbit surrounded by flowers
cupcakes decorated like bunny ears and carrots on a cooling rack with white frosting
Easy Spring Cupcake Decorating Ideas - Fab Everyday
cupcakes decorated with white frosting and pink flowers are arranged in the shape of rabbits
a vase filled with lots of flowers on top of a table
At the Table: Farmer Bunny, A Blooming Cabbage and Hilltop Garden Friends