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a painting of a woman wearing sunglasses with flowers on her head and clouds in the background
Miriam Duizendstra
purple flowers in a gold frame with the words, brefies tides silver givel
Freepik | Создавайте отличный дизайн, быстрее
a painting of flowers in a frame on a table top with an ornate border around it
a bouquet of flowers on a blue background with an old - fashioned label in the middle
four different colored butterflies sitting on top of each other's wings, all facing the same direction
an ornate frame decorated with pink flowers and leaves
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an intricately designed tile with flowers and leaves
a ladybug is sitting on top of a piece of paper with the words cocci
a yellow and blue bee with ornate decorations on its back legs, wings and head
a drawing of a pink bug with gold details on it's body and wings
a bug with many different patterns on it's body and wings, sitting in front of a floral background
three bees are flying around some flowers
the queen bee is surrounded by gold leaves and a crown on it's head
a painting of a goldfish on a branch with leaves
Miriam Duizendstra | Golden Sea
a golden bee surrounded by white flowers and gold filigrees on a gray background
Foto do Instagram de Queen Bee Alchemy • 11 de julho de 2023 às 13:22
an orange and blue fish is swimming in the water
a crocheted blanket is laying on the floor in front of a bed with flowers
a crocheted backpack sitting on top of a wooden table
two red mittens hanging from a christmas tree
a knitted hat with pom - poms on top of snow covered ground
two crocheted baskets with flowers on them, one is brown and the other is pink
CROCHET VALENTINE : Crochet Rose Box Tutorial 🌹💗 Crochet Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 🌹💖
CROCHET ROSE : How to Crochet Rose Flower | Crochet Rose Box for Valentine's Day 🌹💗💖 | Crochet Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 🌹💗 Materials 🎄🎁 🥰🤶🏻☃ 💖 1. Cotton Yarn 4ply size 2 mm. | I used about 180-200 grams of yarn. 2. Crochet Hook No.7.5 size 2.5 mm. 3. Plastic Mesh Canvas 4. Scissors 5. Needle Finished size: Height 15 cm. Width 23 cm
a crocheted purse sitting on top of a wooden table next to a christmas tree
a ceramic bird sitting on top of a bowl
two koi fish swimming in the water with leaves on it's sides, surrounded by bubbles
two koi fish are swimming in the water with swirls and bubbles around them