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I want a man who will look at me like Brendon Urie looks at Sarah Urie

I've heard a lotta shit about Brendon and i didn't Realize that it was true but it is, he fat shamed, made a rape joke, made fun of someone with anxiety (he called her a fucking idiot) and dallon is the same, zack even worse.

I don't like smoking or people doing it but dang! I know he may not do it all the time but still please don't do it all the time!

lisssssttteeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn I do not like the fact that Calum smokes but I have no control over that, he can do what he wants, loOKS REALLY FLIPPIN HOT

Yeah this really cute guy named Calum Hood won't love me back *cries endless tears*<<<same

How nice would it be to eat pizza and complain about guys with Calum Hood? # Dreams Calum Hood 5 Seconds Of Summer