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помощь начинающим ведьмочкам🍄
two wooden and white bracelets sitting on top of a couch
three pieces of wood and rope on a white surface with the string attached to it
there is a plant hanging on the wall
Gleizi | DIY dicas e decoração on Reels | DJ Fronteo · Cupid Twin (Sped Up) (Remix)
two wooden planters with plants in them on the floor next to a white wall
地域の素材で商品 - 犬小屋製作工房Kの犬小屋ブログ
someone is tying a knot on the floor with white rope and wood rings to make it look like they are tied together
two shelves with plants on them and some lights hanging from the wall behind them in front of a white wall
Macrame Shelf / Makrame Hylle
three wooden planters are mounted to the side of a brick wall with succulents in them
macrame hangings with tassels and glass jars on them, all in white
@_funy_ on Instagram: "Esa sensación extraña que tengo cada vez que entrego algo. Entre tristez… | Colgadores de plantas de macramé, Tapices de macramé, Macrame diy
three vases are sitting on a shelf with rope hanging from the wall above them
Macrame shelf
the most beautiful macrame cat hammock ever