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Carrot cake muffin with cream cheese icing

Carrot Cake Muffins

Carrot cake is one of my favourite cakes, but it must be good carrot cake. Stodgy, dry or with no visible carrot just doesn’t cut it. Since this recipe calls for 3 cups of carrots, you might imagin…

Pawpaw and feta salad |

Pawpaw and Feta Salad

This recipe came about because I had some pawpaw in my fridge that was perfectly ripe and needed to be used up. Plus it was a really hot day, I felt like a light lunch and this just popped into my …

Lemon Tart |

Lemon Tart

This tart was a bit experimental but everyone loved it, including me – which doesn’t always happen by the way. Sometimes others like the food I make (or they say they do anyway) but I’m just …

Nasturtium pizza omelette |

Nasturtium Pizza Omelette

If you like the peppery taste of bitter greens, you’ll love this! It’s a great alternative to pizza, especially if you’re avoiding wheat, and you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Butternut cheesecake |

Butternut Cheesecake

This recipe was born from one for pumpkin cheesecake given to me a while ago. I’d been wanting to try it for ages and decided that dessert for a Sunday lunch with friends and family was the perfect…

Dry salt-cured olives |

Olives Two Ways – Part 2: Dry Salt-Cured

Last year I posted a recipe for preparing olives in brine – and I must say they came out well! This is another method of curing olives and the end result is totally different, although also d…

Curly kale and salpico salad |

Curly Kale and Salpico Salad

This nice autumny salad is a bit of a variation on the traditional Waldorf salad and it somehow suits this time of the year perfectly. It’s packed full of stuff that’s good for you – kale, apples a…

Chocolate and vanilla puffs |

Chocolate and Vanilla Puffs

From a supremely healthy seed and nut cracker recipe to an extremely decadent cream and chocolate confection in one week! Yes, it’s true – I’m all about embracing the extremes. :-) This recipe is p…

Homemade face and body cream |

Homemade Face and Body Cream

This recipe is a slight detour from food into the territory of homemade skin care. I’m a big believer in avoiding preservatives wherever possible and generally try to buy natural and/or organic in …

Demolished creme caramel |

Créme Caramel

This recipe is great to make ahead for a party, and the mixture of creamy custard and caramel sauce is a winner every time – and I’ve made it many, many times. People love the taste and textu…

Papo-secos (Portuguese Rolls) |

Papo-secos (Portuguese Rolls)

I started to experiment with these rolls in preparation for a Portuguese-themed lunch with friends who spent some time living in Portugal years ago. After Mike insisted it was impossible to get pap…

Quiche with a potato crust |

Quiche with a Potato Crust

Quiche is one of my favourite go-to dishes when I need to take something savoury to a get-together. It’s light and yet still filling, and so incredibly versatile since you can put just about anythi…

Nasturtium pesto |

Nasturtium Pesto

Nasturtium pesto might sound a bit strange, but if you like the slightly bitter taste of nasturtium leaves (or rocket/arugula, if you’ve never tasted nasturtium leaves), you’ll love it. In fact the…

Toasted sunflower seeds |

Star Ingredient: Sunflower Seeds

I love sunflower seeds! They’re totally delicious and go well with so many things, both sweet and savoury. You can eat them raw or slightly toasted, which really brings out their nutty flavour. Sun…

Date, fig and nut bites |

Date, Fig and Nut Bites

These bites are both delicious and good for you – always a winning combo! Although I’ve seen many variations of this recipe, after much playing with different combinations and quantities of the ing…

Preserving Olives Two Ways - Part 1 |

Olives Two Ways – Part 1: Brined

Who doesn’t love olives? Actually I know some people who don’t but I can’t understand that at all. When I was growing up, we used to count them out on to everyone’s plate when serving up salad with…