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a grand piano is shown with the top open and its strings still attached to it
A Grand Day
Yamaha grand piano
an empty concert hall with a piano on the stage
On location for a shoot with Yamaha Music Australia... #operahouse
a grand piano sits in front of a chandelier and window with shutters
Pristine condition 1 adult owner Baby grand piano & Yamaha bench
a yamaha piano with the word yamaha on it's side and an image of a keyboard
Yamaha Grand Piano -- my favorite piano. I own a beautiful studio Yamaha piano -- dream about owning a baby grand Yamaha!
an electronic piano sitting on top of a table
yamaha key for journey 2 Yamaha Design Exhibition
a drum set up on top of a rug in a room
Yamaha's in studio (not mine)
a notepad with a pen on top of it next to a brown leather case
cuaderno teclado
the guitars are on display in the store's glass case, which displays them all different colors
The Guitar Department at Yamaha Music London - electric, acoustic, bass and classical ranges ready to try.