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RAHHH Jay is my favorite ninja and Pixal is my most favorite character. my ships: Jaya (Nya and Jay) Lava (Kai and Cole) Zane and Pixal (idk the ship name 😭)…
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two people are playing on the beach with legos in their trunks and one man is jumping into the air
Jay and Zane
a drawing of a young man in a red shirt
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a lego figure sitting on the edge of a swimming pool next to a water hose
two people standing next to each other while holding whisk and bowl in their hands
a lego character holding a cup with the caption so you love ninjago? tell me more
the simpsons characters in pixel art
Art by cstuff-art
the legos are dressed up as santa claus and snowman in front of a christmas display
a cartoon character sitting on top of a stage
Prime Empire Ninjago Jay x Nya
an image of two people dressed up as the same person and one is wearing a top hat
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two different pictures one with pink hair and the other with green eyes, both looking at something
idk atp
the legos are playing with each other on the green surface, and one is holding a camera
Dragon Ball, Animation, Chibi, Character, Cartoon
I love them sooo much 💕 NOT MY ART
an image of two people in cartoon style
3ksDee on twitter
an image of cartoon characters on the number six
an animated group of people with one holding a microphone