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If i do plan on giving my character a hood this is how i would want it to look on them. This lets you see enough of the face so you know what they look like but not so much that there is no mystery left.


photo by Fan Ho.Award-winning photographer Fan Ho has won 280 awards from international exhibitions and competitions worldwide since

WHOLE COLLECTION OF PHOTOS   Night view of Aoyama by Takashi Kitajima

Photographer Takashi Kitajima thought it could be even better by applying a Bokeh effect to the cityscape of Tokyo. The addition of out of focus orbs of light add color and a mysteriously magical feel to Tokyo.

Esther Bubley, New York City, 1951

“ the third avenue elevated train was torn down in and while the streets that it ran along were suddenly flooded with light, the manhattan landscape lost one of its most enduring features.

Saul Leiter

Love this photograph; excellent contrast between forebround and background, interesting color scheme as well. (New York Colors Photos by Saul Leiter)