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I was funny once, then I died.
animated gif- watch it!!! <3
there are four pictures of the same person in this photo, and one is talking to each other
four different pictures with the same person in them and one saying that they are not talking to
What a legend
a series of photos showing different scenes from the same movie
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an image of someone's tweet about being in the middle of their conversation
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two people standing next to each other in front of a car with the caption that reads, what are you doing here? sin random running away from my problems come on in
two people sitting next to each other in front of a fire hydrant with the caption that reads, one of my favorite winchester lies
two men in suits standing next to each other with a quote on the wall behind them
the text reads, imagine it you're sitting in an internet - less cafe with your computer and nothing to do on it because there's no wifi
Sammy!!! Thanks for the wi-fi, the memes I'm seeing. Thanks for all the joy they're bringing. Who can live without it?
the many faces of person from tv series
Yes. Or vice versa. 😂 Supernatural Cast, It's Supernatural, Tv Supernatural, Johnlock, Castiel Aesthetic
Yes. Or vice versa. 😂
two men talking to each other in front of a house with the caption that says, no supero la cara de dean