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Applebees oriental salad dressing
Wendy Travis
Wendy Travis
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Classic 3-Bean Salad - ALWAYS a favorite!
Julie @ Back To My Southern Roots
Julie @ Back To My Southern Roots
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I Made Dolly Parton’s Coleslaw and It’s the Only Side I Want This Summer
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Avocado Salad 🥑 | Help accelerate the body's metabolism with this Metainfluencer Avocado Salad! 🥑 Introducing Metaboost - the connection between carefully selected super... | By Meredith Shirk & Svelte Training | Facebook | Oh, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. attempting to juggle what’s up everybody. it’s Meredith shirk with the meta connection. I’m so excited because I’ve got avocado. I’ve got cheese. I’ve got fats and people think that fat is bad fat is not bad. It’s just need the right fats in our diet to make sure we are boosting our natural metabolism and supporting all of our body’s biggest functions. So let’s get into this awesome recipe We’ve got an avocado chickpea salad. chickpeas are also garbanzo beans in case. Somebody’s wondering what chickpeas are as always what’s your name where you’re coming from and do you love avocados. and if you don’t love avocados, why is it the texture of it? The taste is it what’s about it because just an avocado alone has so many amazing Omega three fatty acids the feta cheese has phosphorus and calcium and the combination of these two because feta is a lighter cheese. You’re substituting the more fats in the avocado paired with this feta, so it is just an. Amazing combination for your body. We also have the chickpeas or garbanzo beans, so we use about a can of these these little guys. same thing thing that hummus is out of if you guys didn’t know that fun little fact. amazing source of protein, especially for vegans, everyone’s saying. Okay. I don’t eat meat. I don’t eat fish. I don’t really like eggs. What do I do for protein? That’s not a nut butter beans beans are really great for your body cuz they’re gonna give you all of that protein. And paired with the cheese and the avocado and also a little super super herb cilantro, Some people don’t like cilantro, sometimes it tastes like soap because of the way that it interacts with the enzymes in your mouth If you don’t like cilantro, use parsley totally fine, it’s green looks the same chop it up. It’s all good and also you’re going to be using lime so lime is gonna be our dressing and actually the lime will activate. The avocado to kind of bring out those fats because it really what it really does. is it gives you that acid flavor right? so let’s put it all in together. Super simple let’s take about a can or a half a can of chickpeas garbanzo beans you’re gonna take one avocado chopped up diced can be a rough chop and we’re not using lettuce. So this is like a really hearty salad. then you’re gonna take whoa quarter cup. See what happens quarter cup of feta cheese Sprinkle it in. You’re gonna take about a third of a cup of cilantro or parsley. and finally. Little bit of lime juice so little bit of lime juice I take an entire lime but it depends on how juicy your lime is right. When you’re doing this, you just wanna make sure that if you do cut it before you roll it cuz then you get a little bit more juice. Wow a little bit more juice out of it so get it in there. I’m just gonna use half for now so now that my hands. are sanitized with lime juice you guys can see it’s an awesome simple salad that not only supplies your body with healthy fats and calcium and. Phosphorus and Omega three fatty acids, but it also tastes really great and gives you that feeling of being full and satisfied without necessarily adding inches to the waistline. So for more awesome recipes just like this and utilizing the super foods that are best for our metabolisms, go ahead and click that link below. check out the meta. superfoods just like avocado so click. That link and I’ll see
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I Tried Dolly Parton’s Coleslaw Recipe, and It’s the Only Side Dish I Want to Have for Grilling Season
I Tried Dolly Parton’s Coleslaw Recipe — Here’s What I Think | Kitchn
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Keto Nutrition Care
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