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I have missed c a lot today. Nothing new I know but when they mean a lot you can't help it x

I love you and miss you alot today, but Im sure you're happy where you are and I wouldn't take you from that place no matter how much I miss you. I just wish I wouldn't have to live without you I hope you know I'm happy with my life. I love you.

Missing you forever ma

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Razão de viver....

Mochie, I miss you so much everyday and night. My heart will forever have an empty feeling inside. Love you so much baby girl 💖

No Matter What, Grief, Miss You, We Are Together, Together Again, Always Always, Always And Forever, Broken Families, Stillborn

More than anything my sweet pea

That awesome MOMENT -the awhhhh feeling - takes your breath away, when the ONE you have missed so much - then RANDOMLY unexpectedly you get a text.

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"I can’t look at you without smiling. I love the way you make me happy." - Happiness. Together. - www.lovablequote.com

Dennis you made me so happy always, i cant say how much i loved you always and forever, you are in my hart always.

Kiss me hard and Kiss me good.

Kissing your lips, tasting the sweetness that is craved and knowing it is I that you yearn for.I felt it, from my fingertips to my toes. And then to feel it again.


"You meet thousands of people, and none of them really touch you. And then you meet your one person, and your life is changed forever." love changes a